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Letter From the Editor

Hello again, friends.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting some new additions to the blog, I’m sorry to say I have truly and shamefully let you down. For this I take full responsibility and beg my audience’s forgiveness; however, allow me to give a little background to the past few months so that I can try to explain myself:

For those who know me personally, you know that this blog has been a part of something larger than a way to waste time–it was a pathway to my college degree. Yes, I’ve finally graduated and entered into the big scary world of adulthood! In May of this year, I walked across a stage and received my Bachelor’s of Arts, and I couldn’t be more pleased. About a month ago, I moved into my new permanent living situation, and and I’ve been working full time at a real “grown-up” job in an office. With rolling chairs. Clearly, things have been getting good for me.

Unfortunately, so much personal growth and life development has taken me away from the blog. It’s broken my heart as much as I’m sure it’s broken those of the blog’s dedicated readers, and for that I apologize and sincerely offer my sympathies.

But let me make you an offer as a sort of amends: from now on, I won’t need this blog to make a grade. I won’t need it to show to my professors and eventually bind into an upsettingly long volume to be turned in and signed. From now on, I’ll be running this blog with all the vigor and enthusiasm of someone who’s looking to actually discover some sweet underground (and also above-ground) entertainment in the East Tennessee area. I’ve redesigned my graphics, and I’ve redesigned my goals for this publication–I’m ready to rumble.

All I need now is some help–get the word out! Ask your friends, your cousins, your neighbors down the street, and your buddy at work to look around for those entertainers who’d like some free publicity. I’ll do as much as I can to find the newest and most spectacular artists, musicians, writers, restaurateurs, actors, and whatever else that I can, but one blogger can only do so much!

In the meantime, I’m excited to start posting some things I never got around to working through for the blog last winter, and I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me with all the tasks to be completed in the realms of social media, networking, and design. I’ll be posting more than ever now, and I sincerely hope that what I have to say will connect with some of those audiences who’ve read my work previously.

So welcome me back, readers and entertainers alike! Shoot me an email at easttnentertainmentblog@gmail.com, click that big “thumbs up” icon on my Facebook page at facebook.com/easttnentertainmentblog, and RT or DM me at @EntertainEastTN. Let me know that you’re still around, and I promise I’ll try my best to deliver some quality entertainment coverage.




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